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Emberglow Black Tabletop Fire pit - Portable clean burning fireplace

Emberglow Black Tabletop Fire pit - Portable clean burning fireplace

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Discover the best of both worlds with our Perfect Tabletop Fire Pit. This compact, lightweight marvel lets you enjoy cozy fires indoors and is your ideal companion for outdoor adventures. Share laughter, stories, and warmth anywhere with this delightful addition to your home.

Technical Specifications:
Stainless Steel
Dia: 13 cm H: 26 cm

WEIGHT(kgs): 1.83 kg
CAPACITY: 140 ml
BURN TIME (minutes): 60

MODERN MAJESTY - Elevate your space with this fireplace, an ideal gift for interior design enthusiasts. Its unique design adds a modern touch to your home decor, fitting perfectly on coffee tables, dining rooms, patios, balconies, or porches.

VENTLESS SIMPLICITY - No installation or construction required. Simply fill the fuel chamber and ignite it with a long stem lighter.

INSTANT COZINESS - Enjoy the mesmerizing flames, setting a soothing ambiance in living rooms, bedrooms, date nights, family gatherings, and parties.

PORTABLE & VERSATILE - Easy to carry indoors or outdoors for garden gatherings, dinner parties, or coffee table conversations. Burn for up to 1 hour.

CUSTOMER-FIRST - Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us if you encounter any issues with our products.

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